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Operating our business responsibly is imperative to maximizing our long‐term relationships.


Sagard Holdings seeks to create long‐term partnerships with our investment companies and our people. We believe that operating our business responsibly is imperative to maximizing long‐term relationships: both in ensuring alignment with the management teams we invest in; as well as ultimately enhancing long‐term performance to our investors and capital partners.


We believe that strong, long-term partnerships are anchored in three beliefs:

1. Commitment

We honor our commitments through our investment period.

2. Integrity

We conduct ourselves with integrity in all facets of our business and strive to continually improve our investment and operational practices.

3. Transparency

We believe transparency is fundamental to build trust with all of our stakeholders:

  • Portfolio Companies

    Where we are active owners, we work to proactively identify risks and opportunities, and contribute positively to the responsible practices of our investments.

  • Investors & Capital Partners

    We aim to provide our partners access –to our investment companies and others in our ecosystem, as well as to our performance and results on a timely basis.

  • Employees

    We empower our people with information on performance, strategy and decision making.

Our commitment to acting responsibly includes:
  1. Complying with applicable laws and regulations;
  2. Adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct and good corporate governance;
  3. Support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;
  4. Integrating Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations into our investment
  5. Minimizing our limited environmental impact with focus on continuous improvement; and
  6. Making a positive contribution to our community.